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Is AI the devil?

🤖 Recently I've read some posts on Mastodon against AI-generated images on websites. Personally, I'm not totally against using AI for individual purposes and with the right intentions. For example, I would NEVER use AI to generate posts on my blog or to generate images for a photolog. But I see nothing wrong with using AI to sporadically insert some AI-generated images into a personal blog. However, from a user perspective, I will tend to stay away from well-known corporate/press websites that are filled with AI content. They have all the resources for content curation.

Unlimited growth

“ Cory Doctorow famously coined the enshittification term to describe the sad trend of online services going to shit over time. I don't think that's just an online services issue. It's a societal issue related to the pursuit of endless growth. And if you think about it, it's a deeply human issue. It's what happens when you can't say stop. No matter what you're doing, it can be something positive or negative, if you can't say stop, bad things will happen. - Manuel Moreale”

It's summer time in Europe

⌚ If you live in Europe it is time to synchronise your clocks to the European Summer Time. It begins (clocks go forward) at 01:00 UTC Today (the last Sunday in March), and ends (clocks go back) at 01:00 UTC on the last Sunday in October (27 October 2024). The aim is to make the most efficient use of seasonal daylight. In the last few years there has been a lot of debate about the continuation of the summer time and winter time, but no concrete decision has been taken yet.